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Love lotion Love lotion

Rated 0 / 5 stars

you but an inapropreat ad as a response on my form

you are so mean how did you know that some one isn't 5 on the form here (they have flash tutorials for K-12!) you could get in troble for posting an ad like that on a form made by a Kindergardner i will wisle your response when i find out how

thespammer responds:

what are you, 5 years old?
my "response" or comment is spam
i put it on ppls newsposts for teh lols, i wasnt advertising anything
second, i rlly doubt i could get in trouble unless i posted a link to a virus or something, but i never did
third, theres something called "ban user" which prevents me form commenting on ur posts
u can also delete my spam if u want
but seriously what the fuck was the shitty review/score for?
if ur gonna give me a 0, at least give me a good reason for it >:(