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Entry #2

awesomeness I'm make super smah bros brawl Cartoon Network edition!

2010-04-26 23:17:11 by warioman728

Canceld it was made into an actual 3DS game and they probely didn't get the idea from me


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2010-04-30 13:01:28

If it will be like the Madness Pico flash you just submited, don't even bother.

(Updated ) warioman728 responds:

It will be better WAY better ssf better(not better then ssf). It will have Finn(adventure time),Jake (adventure time), Grim (Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy), K'nukles(the marvelous misadventures of Flapjack), Ice King(Adventure time), Mario, Link, Wario and much more it will include final smashes like giga jake. Also assist cards like WTF bomb, Hank (if i can get promition), Rick Roll, LOL WUT, the king (c.d.-i link),the king of the portal (if i can get promition) Strawberry Clock and more. the rision madness pico sucked was because i stared to it 10:00 last night this ssbb game will be better because it isn't rushed create